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Default Re: Best pedal- Cheapest price

I've only owned a couple of pedals, so my comment might not be worth that much but...

I've owned a Dixon, a Pulse, a DW, and Pearl pedals. All borderline entry-level.

I can't remember the exacts on the Pulse/Dixon pedals, but the Pulse pedal was amazing. I think the DW was the priciest pedal I've had which was 220$? I think. Considering it's a double-pedal it was a good deal.

The Pearl pedal is a P900 I think, that I snagged on Guitar Centers used section for like 30$. Originally I bought it just to see how Pearls entry level pedals are and almost instantly I fell in love with it. Eventually replaced my 3000's with p900's

Probably the only one that would take P900's over DW3000's but meh, to each his own I guess.

bottomline - I'd reccomend pearls p900s
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