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Default HI! new to the forums

Yeah I know it has seemed like forever! I'm sure most have thought I "moved" on , but nope !
I finally have had a minute to actually sit down , catch my breath , and visit my favorite haunt!

In case you have been wondering " hey whatever happened to Gary " , I gotta say, I have never been so busy in my life!

We just finished up a project that we started June 4th and had to have it finished by July 6th for an extremely high profile band that I can't mention their name just yet , but if I were to say something like " You wanted the hottest band in the land , you got the hottest band in the land **** " now would that tip you off without me throwing the name out there?
Their tour starts July 20th , so July 21st I can post pictures!

On top of that I'm about 15 snares and one 1944 Leedy drum kit that I'm behind on. For some crazy reason, without advertising , the word got out that I do drum restorations and it has been nonstop! Even if you are not a Facebooker, feel free to search the Wac'd Drums F.B. gallery and check out some of the snares I've been doing. The assortment is just crazy what I have here. Recent completions are a 1947 WFL , a Pearl Vari-Pitch, Brady Jarrah wood , a late 50s RadioKing ,and a Ludwig Supersensative. Some of the ones in waiting include a 20s Leedy and a fiberglass Stingray snare. I actually forget some of what I have sitting here.
But what is really great, is taking all these snares and really digging into the inner working to see what made these snares so revered, which only helps me with understanding what will make our stuff just that much better!

Speaking of , We should have a green light to go full steam ahead in the next couple of weeks. An agreement is nearly completed for us to FINALLY have our working capitol!
In order to meet the demands of the person offering the capitol I had to scale back my immediate grand vision to a long term vision. Sucks but I understand where they are coming from.

So in the mean time of waiting to wrap that up , I got hit with another project for Casey's band Kamelot. They wanted and are getting some pretty damn tricked out floortoms for part of the show on their upcoming U.S. tour.

So thats it in a nut shell ! I will certainly comeback as time permits! O.K. , I need to take some deep breaths!!
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