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Yes, my 22" SE Jazz @ 2069 is amazing, as I'm sure yours is. I've placed it up alongside my old K ride and it's hard to tell the diff.

From what I've seen, most 22" 30th's come in around 2300- 2450 so yours seems right around the lower end from what I've been exposed to. Fabulous!

To compare/contrast weights for a moment, my Bosphorus Master Vintages are even lighter than my Istanbuls and sound ridiculous. 22" @1935g and 20" @1632g.

I've also been checking out the 30ths as well as the TW Ride. Deciding which one will be paired with an Agop Signature. The lathing on the TW's is interesting and helps to give it a unique character. They also seem to be a little heavier (2450-2800g's)

Agreed, the 30th Hi Hats are a no brainer and I feel the same way about the Agop Signature Hats.

Once you play the real Turkish stuff, assuming it's the sound you like, it's difficult to want to play much else (other than perhaps a Spizz). There are so many wonderful sounds to be had it's insane.

I've never owned cymbals that sound this good...and FEEL this good

its amazing....especially the SE Jazz ride as far as feel
the stick just loves to stay on top.
and you can really dig into that cymbal and it never gets out of control....I don't think I could get it to roar if I tried

from what I remember of the TW ride it was quite similar to the 30th Anniv. pie...just slightly more washy
that cymbal is gorgeous as well

I'm telling you bro....I sat down on the kit at Maxwells in the cymbal room ...this was the first combination I put up besides having 14" Anniv. hats instead of the 15"s

and I was like....I don't think I even have to look anymore.....but I had way this was that easy

but I forced myself to try every cymbal in the room in as may combinations as I many combos sounded great....and I really really was loving the Bosphorus Vintage series....whoooooey....they are killer... I love how they flex and basically throw the stick back at you.....sound so beautifully dry

but I kept thinking about that first combo I had after trying just about everything in the room...I put those back up

and there it

the only thing I was thinking was...I wish these hats had a tiny tiny bit more I reached down and grabbed the 15"s ....and boom....
the winning combo

these cymbals compliment each other like no cymbals I have ever played on
it's amazing how many voice options I have with just 2 rides and a set of hats
they are so versatile !!

they had a bunch of vintage Ks in the room ...I played them all....and this may sound crazy and be sacrilege ....but I liked the cymbals I bought better than the particular vintage Ks that they had in that room.....a lot of them would just ring forever.....dont get me wrong they were ridiculous!!!!....but I couldnt be more happy with what I got
...and honestly the 30th Anniv. cymbal sounded and looked almost exactly like my favorite K that they had ...and it cost almost 3 times as much

finally I own cymbals that sound like that amazing sound I have been hearing on all the jazz records I have loved for so long

what a feeling.....

I already couldn't stop playing my drums.....add these gorgeous pies to the mix
I'm gonna need a fridge, a stove and a toilet in my drum room

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