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Originally Posted by Gvdadrummasum View Post
@ D - the 30th Anniv. is 2314g
the Jazz ride is 2275g

both of them are 22" so that puts them in the light to medium light category

the hi hats are 15"
Top - 925
Bottom - 1127

I just saw in your pic that you have the Jazz ride as amazing does that thing sound?
2069g is very light for a 22"......I bet that thing sounds amazing


Yes, my 22" SE Jazz @ 2069 is amazing, as I'm sure yours is. I've placed it up alongside my old K ride and it's hard to tell the diff.

From what I've seen, most 22" 30th's come in around 2300- 2450 so yours seems right around the lower end from what I've been exposed to. Fabulous!

To compare/contrast weights for a moment, my Bosphorus Master Vintages are even lighter than my Istanbuls and sound ridiculous. 22" @1935g and 20" @1632g.

I've also been checking out the 30ths as well as the TW Ride. Deciding which one will be paired with an Agop Signature. The lathing on the TW's is interesting and helps to give it a unique character. They also seem to be a little heavier (2450-2800g's)

Agreed, the 30th Hi Hats are a no brainer and I feel the same way about the Agop Signature Hats.

Once you play the real Turkish stuff, assuming it's the sound you like, it's difficult to want to play much else (other than perhaps a Spizz). There are so many wonderful sounds to be had it's insane.
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