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Anthony Amodeo
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@ Larry - yeah I played them for a bout 2 1/2 hours at Steve Maxwells drum shop in NYC.
I played about 10 different combinations and the contrast of the jazz ride and
30 Anniversary was one of the first combos I tried and it immediately jumped out at
me...and the 30th Anniversary hats were a no brainer...those things are butter.
I originally was playing the 14" hats and liked them very much...but then I threw
on the 15" and they just had that bite .....delicious !!!

@ D - the 30th Anniv. is 2314g
the Jazz ride is 2275g

both of them are 22" so that puts them in the light to medium light category

the hi hats are 15"
Top - 925
Bottom - 1127

I just saw in your pic that you have the Jazz ride as amazing does that thing sound?
2069g is very light for a 22"......I bet that thing sounds amazing

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