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Default Re: Lost my battle with water :(

Originally Posted by Mad About Drums View Post
... and quite a few less in your pocket I'd imagine, phew, that a very long drive you've got there Andy, and draining systems are not cheap, nor is a JCB's rate per hour :(

I hope it will do the 'trick" and stops the flooding.

Where is the water drained? into the sub-soil or into the council's drains?
I prefer not to mention the cost :(, It's why I've been putting it off for three years. We're doing this job as economically as possible (by using "mates rates" labour, etc. + I know a lot of people with machines :) ), but to a high quality. My mantra is "make the first job the best job", then I don't have to worry about it again. That said, there's no getting away from the fact that we're constructing a small road. The drive is 500 foot long :(

I have two storm drain systems. One's already in place around the house. It was the first job I took care of when I bought the property. It's a 12" system with 5,000 gallons of underground capture capacity, that then goes to overflow ditches. I use the stored water to extract heat from in the winter via a heat pump linked into my geothermal & air source heating. That then pumps heated water under all the floors in my house. You can probably tell I'm into my system stuff :)

The new drains will go into a new culvert I'm constructing, & then onto the lane storm ditches.

Originally Posted by marko138 View Post
Wow! Quite the project indeed!
Yes, it's a bit of a job alright, but nothing compared to the work I've already done on the property.

Originally Posted by Bo Eder View Post
That sucks but at least you guys are taking care of it! And I thought I had problems when I had my house re-piped the other day....
Yes Bo, I hate spending hard earned money on benign stuff, but if I left it any longer, it would be a much bigger (& more expensive) job. We both needed piping work done, but mine's on a more brutal scale :(

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