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Default Re: Chris Pennie of Dillinger Escape Plan

Found This if anyone wants to have a read


The Dillinger Escape Plan is a band to be reckoned with. They've got chops and their live show is as energetic and chaotic as they come. A furious blend of metal, jazz, and alternative styling define DEP. Their latest release is entitled Miss Machine and is available on Relapse Records. FPE Agent F had a chance to speak to drummer Chris Pennie in Los Angeles prior to the band's sold out stint at the El Ray Theater. Please Read ON!

FPE: Did you record Miss Machine using a click?

Chris Pennie: "Some songs and parts of songs were played to a click so we could add loops and orchestrations later on in the recording."

FPE: Who are you drumming influences?

CP: "Growing up I was influenced by drummers like Lars Ulrich and Stewart Copeland. Although they still are big influences I now tend to be influenced by musicians and producers not just drummers.

FPE: What drum heads are you using?

CP: "Evans Power Centers on my snare, G2's on tops and G1's on the bottoms of my toms, and the EMAD on my kick drum.

FPE: We see that you received a producers credit on Miss Machine. Is it difficult to produce your own recordings?

CP: "It can be tricky producing your own material. You have to know when it's a good time to say you're finished, THAT'S IT,OVER."

FPE: Which songs on Miss Machine were the most challenging for you to record?

CP: "They were all challenging for different reasons. Recording each song required different levels of groove, technique, and stamina.

FPE: Songs such as "Sunshine the Werewolf" cover a wide range of tempos and styles. Is it difficult for you to remember all the unique sections to your songs when performing live?

CP: "No. I'd say live it's more a matter of stamina then memorization."

FPE: Do you have a warm up routine prior to your shows?

CP: "Playing rudiments on the Real Feel all day and taking advantage of sound checks help me stay warm up and until the show.

FPE: DEP shows are really high energy. How do you keep up the momentum?

CP: "Again proper warm up and drinking lots of water prior to the show enable me to play the set without feeling tired.

FPE: Do you use two bass drums or a double-kick pedal?

CP: "Double Pedal."

FPE: What is DEP have in store for 2005?

CP: "Early 05 we're hitting Canada, Japan, Australia France, and Scandinavia.

FPE: What advice do you have for young drummers out there?

CP: "Do not be afraid to listen to and incorporate different genres of music into your playing. Become a good musician not just a good drummer.


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