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I have the Humes & Berg Enduro Pro lined hard cases and have had no problems with them. I have stored drums in the cases for several months without any issues. However, note that they were stored indoors where temperature and to some degree, humidity was controlled.

Several forum members have also posted above stating that Humes & Berg's customer service was poor or non-existent. I could not disagree more based on my experience with them. I had to get a correctly sized rack tom case as the tom had a RIMs mount and the service representative at Humes & Berg did a great job following up and taking care of the exchange to get the correct case.

I also think hard cases are the way to go if you really want to protect your drums. There have been several gigs where equipment has been loaded for transport only to shift and have other things fall on top of some of the cases. I don't think in those instances a soft case would have protected the drum.
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