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Never a fan. In the 70s I was in a band led by a RS fanatic - we covered at least six of their tunes, Chuck Berry, Dr Feelgood, George Thoroughgood and later, bizarrely, The Pistols. Maybe not so bizarre. The Stones were definitely outlaws, and they were outlaws for the right reason ... not to rebel, just a refusal to let pushy spoilsports stop the party.

My favourite RS cover in our set was Ain't Too Proud to Beg - the ride bell in the verse is a great line. The Stones version was much more convincing than Bette Middler's - she sounded so powerful and compelling I couldn't imagine her having to beg for anything.

I never rated Charlie as a drummer back then in that very adolescent way. With age I've warmed more to The Stones and I love Charlie's playing now. Saw a clip of him jamming with some guys and he was awesome - 1234 bang bang and right in the pocket. I think he's one of those drummers who's appreciated more by those who are playing with him than the audience.


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