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Originally Posted by the.tree
Hmmm i didn't say he was better, and i didn't say he wins or he's better than mike. I said that he chose to play a 4 piece and maybe can't be as creative in his solos. But people say he needs work on his solos i don't see many people doing better solos on a 4 piece than him.


Max Roach
Art Blakely
Lionel Hampton
Jeff Hamilton
Tony Williams
Elvin Jones
Joe Morello

Having a four peice has nothing to do with creativity. He plays a four peice because it feels good to him, not because It Challenges Him. One of his solo's has him play 32nd notes on the snare and high tom for about... 15 seconds with all the girls cheering. This is what makes everybody despise Travis. Nothing against the man..Just so overated for what he does/can do...

Oh and Solo's shouldn't even really be used as judging how good a drummer is. Drumming keeps the beat, Your Guitar's, Trumpets, Saxaphones should do the solo's really IMO. Sure you get Bonham, Peart, Gadd pulling off Solo's. But no one is Amazed by their solo's. It's the 50 Ways To Leave Your Lover Groove. The Fool In The Rain beat..Everything except the Solos. Solo's are hella cool, but you can't say, Bonham Is the best player ever, because He can do Moby Dick and no one else can..

And If Travis isn't that good on drum solos.. Don't BLOODY give him drum solo's. If he doesn't deserve it, he doesn't deserve it. If he doesn't have his own T.V. show because of it. So what? No one honostly gives a damn.....
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