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Default Re: TAMA Speed Cobra

Originally Posted by SETHRO View Post
So when the recoil of the beater slows down quicker then the right one, it is because it is not direct drive, not because there is possibly a fault in the pedal itself? There are amazing double kick drummers out there so maybe I just have to keep tweaking it to minimize that delay as much as I can to get it to where it feels more comfortable. And when you say you stopped using them, does that mean you went to two single kicks?
Almost. When I said directly connected pedal, I really mean the master pedal. Not necessarily direct drive, that's a whole other ball of wax based on personal preference.

Yes, I stopped double kick all together for multiple reasons. One is the double pedals will never feel as natural as two actual bass drums and I'm too lazy and poor to buy and lug around another bass drum. Another is, that as I get older, I find less need for double kick as my style evolves.
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