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Well, somebody else mentioned Kenneth Shalk in another so I went off to find my Candiria CD and lo and behold... I actually found my Slipknot CD, not stolen at all. I obviously just never felt the urge to listen to it :)

Most of his metal/double kick/toms stuff is competent but not really that impressive by genre standards. It's certainly nothing like as terrifying as Gene Hoglan on the new Strapping Young Lad album, for example. But I stand by liking some of the stuff he does on his grooves:

There's a bit on "Liberate" (I think? No case, just a CD) at around 0:35 where he breaks out quite a tasty groove with an off-beat hi-hat and lots of alternation between the kick and snare. That would work quite well in a non-metal context, it's got a sort of techno/disco/breakbeat kind of a feel about it which is quite funky. Maybe he should go play dance music instead?

The music really, really sucks though. It's not even as funny as Disturbed, there's no hilarious being-beaten-up-by-his-mother sounds out of the singer. I want a refund...
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