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Originally Posted by the.tree
The OCDP solo doesnt do him much justice. Its differnt seeing him live, and for his style of music and who he plays with he is good. As for all the people putting him down for the solos, he gets it done with 4 drums. I see portnoy or peart who have 10+ drums. But it really surprises me to see all the put downs, I think hes good maybe not best in world but at least top 20 for PUNK rock. And I know 80 percent of the people on here arent as good as him so its a shame.
Him having a 4 peice cannot be compared to Portnoy's Monster.. Why? Because If he wanted to he could CHOOSE to play a 10 peice. Does he win by default because he has less peices? No. Does he win because it makes him creative? No. Travis is not god, and he's not shite either. He is overpraised, but does what he does to fit the music, and for that I respect him. He's the male version of Meg White, but with more chops IMO.
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