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Default Re: The legendary Steve Gadd.

Originally Posted by kettles View Post
I find it strange that this thread hasn't been touched in six months!

Anyway, can you lot recommend a few Gadd albums I need to buy? I'll probably pick up a Paul Simon album or two, I know I already like his stuff.
I'm a major Gadd fan and I'm enjoying these three a lot at the moment:

Art Farmer - Crawl Space (CTI)
Dr John - City Lights (A&M)
Steve Khan - The Blue Man (Columbia)*

* Steve Khan's ( notes on Gadd's incredible drumming on the final section of the track 'An Eye Over Autumn' are great:

"This is truly one of my favorite sections on any of my recordings, and I feel lucky that it happened on 'my record.' It's such a pleasure to watch and listen to a great artist behind the drums. The horn parts had already been written, and Steve had them sketched into his drum part. So, with a drummer like Steve, and there are others (Peter Erskine and Dave Weckl immediately come to mind) who can read, solo, and interpret written music on the fly, it's so exciting to watch all this happening at once. I remember that once the take was done, and we were all gathered in the control room to listen back, Rick Marotta, whom Michael Brecker affectionately calls "the Elvin Jones of Rock,"(because of his loose, and laid-back time feel) was sitting with his head in his hands; and once the last notes had sounded, and the room was quiet, he looked at his dear friend Steve Gadd and said, "I HATE YOU!!!" Which, of course, means the exact opposite!!! It was a great moment and really unforgettable for me."
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