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Default Re: TAMA Speed Cobra

So I have been playing on my SC for about 8 months. I originally was playing on a set of old school dw 5000 single chain double kicks, but I was playing with them so long I got real comfortable with them. Once I switched to the SC I instantly noticed a big difference in consistency, durability and speed with the double kicks. But it has taken me a while to adapt to them and to fine tune them in. My double kick skills have improved a lot since I started using these pedals but I find my self continuing to try to make small adjustments on them.
A problem that I find is that my left kick pedal some times doesn't feel "solid". when I step down on it sometimes it feels like there is a delay or lag. I know a lot of it has to do with getting my left foot as consistent as my right but I think there is something up with the pedals. If I were to push both pedals down and touch the bass head and release them at the same time, they spring back and forth, but the left kick fades out and slows down a lot quicker than the right. Also I noticed a little bit of play (left and right) with the left beater, but every thing is tight. I have my settings for my left and right pedals exactly the same( pedal and beater height, beater position, and spring tension).
Any suggestions on tuning in my SC double pedals???????????
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