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Default Re: Iron Maiden Rules the World

Yeah that's old new bud, but who cares? Did you see them when they came out?

Me and my wife travelled to Sydney to catch one of shows they did there. It blew me away the amount of energy Bruce has still. As if flying all those thousands of miles isn't enough, but running around the stage like a teenager and still have the energy to sing the way he does (night after night I might add)? He is amazing.
Flight 666 is great too. It's just amazing how many peeps in the world have been touched by this incredible band. I know I have. I remember there was one dude on the Flight 666 video (somewhere in South America I think) who grabbed a stick Nicko threw out at the end of the show. He was just so overwhelmed with emotion that he couldn't even speak to the interviewer. He just couldn't stop crying. This is the impact these guys have on us fans. It is immense to say the least.

To repeat you.........and Bruce Dickinson is my God too.

Up the Irons!!
My band.....
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