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Originally Posted by larryz View Post
Does anyone know the drum setup/make Kenney used for the early 1970s Rod Stewart albums? I just love his sound from that period. I spent some time trying to find out what drum make he used back then, snare, etc. and found nothing. Listening to "Twistin the Night Away" from Rod now and I've always wondered. Thanks.
I agree. Of course its.....Ludwigs 13-16-18-24 natural maple. Check out this one:

Further to this thread. Yes Kenney was a groove drummer in the late 70's Who, but actually he played way more wide open and "moon-like" in all the Small Faces. Listen to Tin Soldier, or Afterglow. I think the late-70's sound influenced the music the Who was making at that time, to be more rock steady. Even by Who Are you, Moons' drumming was tamed down by that period.
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