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Default Re: ...for the jazz cats ...

Hey Polly,

You are too modest! I just did a short post about soloing over a vamp that has some relevant ideas:

The gist is that the source of tension/release in this type of drum solo comes from playing against the vamp (tension) or with the vamp (release). So finding the right balance between the two is the key to success in this kind of solo. I think based on what I heard in your solo that you could afford to get a little further from the vamp (and produce more tension), perhaps by leaving more space, or perhaps something entirely different. In any case, I hope this helps and I would love to hear some more recordings!
Phenomenal playing Andrew!

And as always a great post, I transcribed a Brian Blade solo over a vamp some weeks ago and it is pretty much like you said. He sometimes plays outside the vamp but then comes back to it which produces a very strong almost cathartic experience.

Here's the solo in case anyone is interested -->

And this is the song, the solo is around 6:35 -->
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drum vids-->

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