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Default Re: Serious Omission - Where's Dennis Wilson?

Originally Posted by Pocket-full-of-gold View Post
Agreed with respect as to what constitutes a great drummer. But that doesn't explain why if he was that good....even in terms of consistency, playing for the song and keeping steady time, heart, spirit and charisma......then why did they feel the need for Hal Blaine? Did he really get the job done at all?

Can neither prove nor disprove personal taste and only an idiot would try to. But it can certainly be explained why Blaine was used on so much of the Beach Boys most well known material. The Beatles certainly didn't call on his services. Instead of ranting and raving, let's discuss. Have a go at explaining that to me.
I'll even go you one step further.Although I reguard Dennis as a good drummer,he dosen't come close in my opinion,to the groove,creativity,and musicallity of Ringos playing.I also agree with PFOG about using substitute drummers.The Beach Boys used drummers other than Dennis not just in the studio,but LIVE also.

I had the fortune of seeing the Beach Boys I guess at least 10 times over the years ,and on two of those occasions,Rickey Fatar,played MOST of the drum parts.One of those tours was with Chicago on the "Wishing You Were Here" tour.I think Dennis only played two or three tunes,but he always seemed to play "Fun Fun Fun"

As I said,I think he was a good drummer, but Carl,and especially Brian,required something more than just good."Pet Sounds","Smile,and especially Surfs Up,were and are masterpieces,that even inspired the Beatles to create an album that contained such amazing vocals and melodies.Just give Abbey Road a good listen.

Steve B
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