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Default UK Drummer/Guitarist


I'm a drummer/Guitarist from the UK, have been playing in bands for about 15 years, my current setup is a stagg maple 4 piece shell pack with a 20" kick, Mapex double pedal, Zildjian/Paiste/Stagg cymbals and a pearl rack. The stagg stuff's not ideal but cost effective at the rate that I break stuff!

My band Near Death Experiment are taking a bit of a direction/line up change, currently we're a solid metalcore band with influences such as Lamb of god, Chimaira, Killswitch engage Atreyu etc but want to add more melodic and prog elements using influences from bands like Tool/Faith no more/Mudvayne etc, you can hear our current demo at

I play guitar in the band and our old drummer Jamie has left, I'm filling in for now but would really rather get someone who's at least as good as him

Since doing the recording we've added a 2nd singer and are looking to really expand our sound by adding synths/samples/sub-drops etc along with extra percussion players.

Please check us out and let me know what you think.

PS sorry if i'm advertising in the wrong area, is there a classifieds section on here?


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