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I believe that when you're hitting a stationary object with a piece of wood, there's always a chance that that piece of wood can break, even if you don't apply too much pressure. It's just the nature of the thing.
I think it's totally possible to have a bad batch of sticks. I've seen 'em and played 'em. Normally, before I start a tour, for example, I take a pair of sticks for every gig. 27 shows, 27 pair. Some days I'll break 3, some days not. On the last tour I went 19 shows in before breaking a stick, then broke sticks in the 3 following shows. The tour before that I ran out and had to buy more.
Those are Vic Classic 5AN.
I've had a pair of 7AN's for 4 years now.
I have a 10 year-old pair of Hardimans.

Everybody will find what is comfortable for them. We all have different conditions in which we play, so absolutes don't really work here, I believe. A guy in his jazz combo is not going to play like the guy at the metal gig, or the kid still working on his basic skills. Since everyone's different, everyone's results will be different.
While some techniques can break sticks more than others, sticks will just break.
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