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Originally Posted by 017 View Post
Indeed. Since I'm looking for cases/bags for long-term storage, I'd rather avoid any hard case with a glued-in lining. I also hear that foam liners (regardless of brand) have the tendency to break-down and/or rot over time... That's why I'm almost certainly set on Protection Racket's AAA line (no glue, and they help resist atmospheric fluctuations). If I could get my hands on a set of Humes & Berg Enduro's, I'd probably go that route (in their mottled Ocean finish). But as far as I know, the only H&B products sold where I am are Stonelined Mutes. H&B are apparently a nightmare to deal with anyway, so that kind of eliminates them as an option in the first place.

I just hope my SKB Cymbal Vault I've got on order doesn't stink...!

In other news, where did the thread originator go?
I'm still here, reading. Thanks all for the posts. I think I'm gonna go with the SKB's. I do have to ask though, if Gator cases really do suck so bad why do so many big name endorsers use them? I'm sure they want to keep their drums in good working order too.
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