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Originally Posted by JoeLackey View Post
Broken sticks are a result of playing too hard. That's it. Why does anything ever break? Too much pressure on it, right? Stop putting so much pressure on how hard you hit and save your sticks.
Nah, I wouldn't say it works that way. Sticks do break, no matter how you play.
If someone needs new tires on his car after having driven every day for 30 years, would you dismiss that as him driving "too hard"?

If a guitarist snaps a string after gigging with the string every day for 5 years, would that be caused by the guitarist's inability to be careful?

Anyways, I know there are many people out there who actually hit too hard, and smashes a lot of sticks in their way.
But sticks are always gonna break for everyone - no matter how you play.

Just my input.
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