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Default Re: Venting on the 4th of July....

Originally Posted by dmacc View Post
I generally say "owning a home sucks but the alternative is worse...."
You got it. Now that I have a house that has been neglected for decades I've spent a small fortune on getting the leaky roof fixed properly (after years of band aid fixes), the cornices replaced that had become full of mould from the leaking, fixed blocked plumbing pipes, gotten broken blinds replaced, replaced 45 year old unflued gas heater and stove which had a broken griller and oven ... I've forgotten a lot and there's TONS still to do.

The thing is, until fairly recently I lived in a small but cool art deco flat and the hardest thing I had to do domestically was the vacuum cleaning. So this whole suburban house caper is a bit of a shock to the system for someone accustomed to sitting on their bum in front of computer screens.

However, I can play acoustic drums in my home now after decades of rubber pads (ie. decades of not playing much). If I keep low hands or use brushes I can go until almost midnight. So, while the work with the house and the inconveniences are a PITA, the drumming situation means that daggy surburban house trumps groovy inner city flat - not even close :)

Bo, I've seen enough clips of you playing to know you enjoy the same luxury - it's so amazing and freeing that I'm still in shock! Good luck with the water.


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