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I listen to the albums Kill 'Em All through ...And Justice for All only, as I do not like Metallica's style after them. I think Lars' best work was on ...And Justice for All, which is also my favorite album by them. His work on Master of Puppets was pretty good too. I think Ride the Lightning was a great step up from Kill 'Em All, whose drumming was quite simplistic (althought I feel it fit their style at the time). Now, I have seen some of Lar's live drumming as of recently, and I find that everything seems wrong. He has downsized his kit, and he doesn't really use the double bassing that well. Also, many of his drum parts bore me, as it is always hi-hat and crash. He never uses a ride after Ride the Lightning (bit of pun there), only in the intro of Welcome Home and he uses the bell in Disposable Heroes, which disappoints me because he limits his drum vocabulary. All in all, Lars in his prime (at least to me) is when he played on the first 4 albums; after (and including) the "Black" album, his skill seemed to diminish.

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