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Originally Posted by banterzine View Post
Hi guys, I had the pleasure of interviewing Mike at the Adrenaline Mob gig in Manchester the other day. Thought you might like to watch it, he talks a fair bit about how his roles in each of his projects differs. Here it is, please let me know if you like it!
Great review! I don't mind at all if Mike is talking about his other projects because they fascinate me a lot. He is one of my biggest influences for god sake! I think he is the one who got me deeply into drumming and made me so curious about music itself.

I went to see Adrenaline Mob in Helsinki 10th of June and I have to say it was maybe the best concert where I have ever been so far. Even the Foo Fighters' concert in Helsinki last summer wasn't as great as that one. Okay, I'm talking about two very different bands but the energy in the Mob gig was something unbeliveable. And there were only like 200 people watching it!

By the way, this was my second time I saw Portnoy playing!
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