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Default Venting on the 4th of July....

So, last week I came home and with my bare feet, I can feel the floor is warm by my entryway. Great.

The next day I get a plumber out and of course I have a concrete slab leak. They proceed to jackhammer my entryway to get into the concrete and yes, there's a leak all right. $1400 and four hours with a nice concrete patch later, they leave, and two days later I check my water meter, and with everything off in the house, it's running. The floor is now getting warmer but in a larger area. Grr....

So on July 5th the plumber gets to visit again and we get to talk about what he's gonna do for me for free. Meanwhile, I'm making plans to just get the house re-piped by a contractor cousin of ours. Right now I have a house with no running water (I'll turn the water on when I have to do something) and will probably be living like this until next week.

FML :/

I love owning a home. I'm gonna go play my drums for a couple of hours.
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