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Default Re: Disturbing metal news from Prague

Originally Posted by Anon La Ply View Post
I read that club had a big stage diving scene. So the mosh crowd wouldn't have lacked practice catching people flying off the stage, but the guy was travelling head first. Maybe someone suddenly found this head and elbows hurtling at them and freaked out?
Or it could have just meant that they did atleast attempt to break his fall, but not ensuring the safety of the way he landed on his head. Freak neck deaths occur man, Cliff Burton died like that,

But that, by no mean, should be Randy's fault. I didn't see Metallica suing the bus driver because he couldn't pull off his manuever in such a manner. Even with the benefit of the doubt, and the Prague fans did try to atleast help the guy, it shouldn't be Randy who suffers. It was just a freak accident, and no man should be held accountable for it because of said reason. Shit happens, and sometimes the only person to blame is yourself (or, themselves). That fan rushed the stage previous times, perhaps if he'd had either A) not done so in the first place (knowing the risk involved in such activities), or B) had chosen a different moment to do so. Not his fault in that way either, because it was by just purely an impulse, but it can be ruled out that if it's not his fault it may has we'll rule out Randy, because that was just impulse as well. The whole thing is just a ridiculous, and hay-wire situation.
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