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Default Re: INTRODUCTIONS: Please Use This Thread To Introduce Yourself!

Real name: Jason

Age: 21

How long have you been playing: About 1 and a half years

Origin of user name: Initials plus birth year

Your top 5 drummers: Jason Costa, Chris Adler, Shannon Lucas, Mike Portnoy and The Rev

Make of drum kit: Yamaha DTX 500

Make of cymbal: Ummm same as kit. It's electrical

Where do you practice: At home

Are you in a band: No

Do you play covers or originals: I practice a combination I guess

What style of music: Metal

Favourite take out food: Hamburgers

What country do you live in: Just moved to England. Damn Military, I dare say I miss America already

One really odd fact about yourself: I'm obsessed with The Office. Love me Pam.

How did you start drumming: I listen to All That Remains religiously and Jason Costa amazed me to the point where I had to try it for myself.
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