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Originally Posted by Bo Eder View Post
At one point in time I got a set of SKB cases and I question why you would need the foam lining in the cases. All the years I've had the Humes & Bergs without lining and my drums were never damaged - the idea for me is to keep the drum from taking a hit from something that might roll around in the back of the truck - and the H&B's deflect stuff really well, in addition to being water proof. I've had a small tom fall off the back of my truck in the H&B unlined and it suffered no damage as the case absorbs the shock, and again, keeps the drum from hitting anything that would damage it.

I can understand a padded bag, that's obvious, but a padded case that's not actually a big anvil road type case? I'm not sure it's really necessary. What's everybody thoughts on this? Am I crazy?
My bass drum case is a HARDCASE brand with no lining and the lacquer finish on the hoops was starting to get scuffed/dulled from rubbing against the plastic case, the case was tight but the plastic is smooth and the drum moves to one side then the vibrations from transporting are enough to scuff the finish like you rubbed it with a scotch brite pad, I ended up buying a padded bag to use as a liner to protect the finish. Now as I can afford it I have been replacing all my cases with padded SKB and will never buy anything else and wish I had of just bought them to begin with.

Originally Posted by 017 View Post
Indeed. Since I'm looking for cases/bags for long-term storage, I'd rather avoid any hard case with a glued-in lining. I also hear that foam liners (regardless of brand) have the tendency to break-down and/or rot over time...
I bought 2 used SKB old style cases (clam shell type) that are probably 20+ years old and other than a couple small tears the lining is still just like new.
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