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Default Re: Gator Cases

At one point in time I got a set of SKB cases and I question why you would need the foam lining in the cases. All the years I've had the Humes & Bergs without lining and my drums were never damaged - the idea for me is to keep the drum from taking a hit from something that might roll around in the back of the truck - and the H&B's deflect stuff really well, in addition to being water proof. I've had a small tom fall off the back of my truck in the H&B unlined and it suffered no damage as the case absorbs the shock, and again, keeps the drum from hitting anything that would damage it.

I can understand a padded bag, that's obvious, but a padded case that's not actually a big anvil road type case? I'm not sure it's really necessary. What's everybody thoughts on this? Am I crazy?
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