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Originally Posted by 017 View Post
Thanks tard. This whole Gator debacle has got me worried about any off-gassing from glue used in securing case lining, although I can not find one complaint about SKB cases damaging drums like Gator. But if you search, you will find numerous complaints about SKB guitar and archery cases giving off a stench. I've even found someone who says their SKB drum cases smell. Humes and Berg Enduro seem to be the best unlined cases I've come across, but good luck finding them where I am (outside the USA).
I am gonna bet its just the smell of the molded plastic and stuff when they are new and with most drum cases being standard sizes and ordered in bulk quantities by the distributer they are probably a few months old by the time we get them but with guitar and archery cases they are probably special ordered by the dealer and fairly new when they arrive and still have that new car smell so to, We have a plastics plant here that used to make the Sabian molded cymbal case and the new ones right off the line smelled pretty strong but by the time they got warehoused then shipped to Sabian then shipped to the distributer and then to the store there was no smell left.
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