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Default Re: Disturbing metal news from Prague

Randy definitely had help and I don't find him guilty of anything. It was in no way intended as a murderous push. I hope they get a judge who will see this for what it is, a person doing something really dumb, and surprise, a human reacted out of instinct, and things didn't have a safe ending. You can't stop instinct.. It was an accident that he didn't land well.

Now he can't reproduce. Nature's way of weeding the garden if you ask me.

It was a knee jerk reaction on the bands part to that particular situation. It's pretty cut and dried. The floor wasn't an unsafe distance down, and there were plenty of people around who you think would have helped break the guys fall... Simultaneous breakdown of multiple things, stupidness on the deceased's part, then security ultimately failed, then no other concertgoer helped, and the deceased himself didn't do his part in breaking his own fall, and he came in on a bad bad angle. Almost like it's karma time for this guy. I'm curious to his background now, was he just a regular kid who had a bad night or did this guy have it coming.... The band's knee jerk reaction was unavoidable and not their fault.

The vid tells the whole story.
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