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Default Re: Disturbing metal news from Prague

I`ve been reading all the shitstorm of comments over the internet on this subject over the past few days. Anyone who`s been to a metal concert of festival knows metalheads have a slightly... different way of having fun. Headbanging, moshing, stage diving, etcaetera. Usually on big venues like this was, there`s a 2-3 meter barrier between the fences from the first row and the stage, where the bouncers are put to keep people from getting on the stage.
You can`t even pass the fence without being blocked by a bouncer that`s gonna escort you out of the venue place. I seriously can`t imagine how the guy managed to do a second and even third attempt to climb on the stage, not to mention that he eventually did it! What was the security doing in all this time? Seriously, i`m not a big Lamb Of God fan (except for Chris Adler), and i`m not taking Randy`s side, but it was his right to punch or throw the guy out of the stage IF the security fails to do their job. He belongs to the stage, that kid belonged to the audience, and i guess things are pretty clear.
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