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Originally Posted by Bo Eder View Post
I fell for the Gator attractiveness of the low price on eBay and I will never trust them again. The foam lining on the ones I got began to corrode the metal bits on one of my drums after leaving it in the case for only a day!

I tried to contact Gator to see if they would right the situation and I never received any kind of response. I ended up being up front and frank about the cases when I sold them on eBay and sold the whole lot of four cases for $75 just to get rid of them. The new owner knew he needed to take out the foam lining, did that, and he loves them now.

As previously posted, they may have gotten their act together but I would be wary. I had used Humes&Berg Enduro hard cases withOUT foam in the past and that's who I went back to when I had to replace the Gator cases. I had debated SKB but having a foam lining so turned me off after the Gator debacle that I decided against it, although friends of mine have the SKB cases and they're great (they're also the most expensive too).

I would avoid Gator drum hard cases, and spend a little more for either the H&B's or the SKB's.
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