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Default Re: Disturbing metal news from Prague

I've read numerous articals on this, and have been following this story since day one.
Apparently, that wasn't even the first time the fan rushed the stage. He rushed the stage three times, the third time security being unable to reach him in time. By means of self defense and to get the rowdy fan off stage, Randy pushes him off.

First off, that's mainly a problem with security. THEY were the ones unable to reach the fan. And, it's their job to push and shove people off. If a security member where to have done this, would the consequences been the same? Surely, do to the lack of evidence, they are going to attack Randy because he is the one with more money.

Secondly, this as been said numerous times, but musicians should have the right to defend themselves on stage. Especially after Dimebag was shot right in the middle of a show. Also, had this been an American event, the venue or security probably would have been sued. If someone was being shoved off stage, wouldnt the proper thing to do would be to CATCH THEM? Did everyone flee and thus have him land on his head? At any metal concert, rule numero uno is to ensure the safety of a brother in the pits. I find it absurd that noone would have tried to break this guys fall. Although, even if they did, it could have been a sirious case of whiplash and thus somehow causing death. But then, that shouldn't be Randy's fault at all, bringing it back to the venues problem.

On the other hand, posting bail doesn't always ensure immediate release and there are other stipulations tacked on at times if the judge feels you may be a flight risk. It's not too much different than what we deal with here.

As an avid Lamb of God fanboy, I hope to see Randy charge through this and get on with it. They are set to tour this fall and by no means am I planning on missing this show just because some jackasses in the Czech court system want to place full responsibility of this fans death solely on Randy.

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