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Default Re: What are you listening to right now? (part 2)

Originally Posted by Gvdadrummasum View Post
some young musicians were talking to Elvin and asking him how the Coltrane group plays together so well and with such intensity.....and Elving replied gotta be willing to die with a mother f***er

the young guys all laughed for a bit and looked to Elvin for the punch line.....only to realize he was dead serious

love that story
Sounds like they were in the trenches! I guess he was talking about trust and support. It's a funny thing, though, plenty of bands have produced great music while personally feeling like cats in a sack. Not sure how that works.

Listening to this for the first time, just up to the trombone solo ... Art Blakey 5Tet:

Art's playing with amazing energy and skill but it's all too excitable for me at the moment and I'm about to look for something more mellow :)


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