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Default Re: ...for the jazz cats ...

Hey Guys,

Thank you all so much for the really awesome feedback! Knowing that I can count on you to actually listen to/read the stuff I work on is one of the biggest motivations I have to do the blog, so thank you again!

8mile- That was a beautiful example so some Sonny/Elvin interplay. I believe Sonny was also quoting "The Song Is You" there am I correct?

Polly- I thought you played with great touch and clarity as usual. Lovely dynamics and texture. Do you normally play this solo with the guitarist playing the line behind you? In my experience soloing over a vamp like this only works when there is a great deal of trust, cooperation, and listening between all the parties involved.

A couple of simple ideas for bringing the guitarist in more. First I would say, leave more space! Just play a note and then stop and listen for a while. This can be a scary thing to do at first when you feel the pressure of having to solo, but trust yourself and be patient. Just hit that note and then back off.

The second thing would be to play some simple repeated figures that the band can latch on to. I actually felt like you were trying to do this a couple of times, but the guitarist wasn't moving with you. Does your guitarist feel confident enough to get away from the vamp?

Numberless- Thank you as always, it means a lot to me. I haven't actually checked out the Bulletproof Musician so I will do that now!
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