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Default Re: ...for the jazz cats ...

Originally Posted by haredrums View Post
I just put up a new post on a simple but effective technique to use when trading 4's, passing ideas:

Passing ideas between soloists is a really simple thing to do, but I have found that if used tastefully everybody seems to be blown away by it. Is this something you guys do when trading? Do you love/hate it when people do this? What are some of your favorite examples of drummers doing this?
Thanks Andrew, another really clear, practical and helpful piece. You, 8Mile, Todd and Anthony are my jazz gurus :) The fours in the clip were great. Leaving space to allow others to contribute to your solo really added flavour.

I'd like to see how I can do that more in my Chitlins solo (attachment) ... done as a three piece late on Thurs ... you can hear our keys player packing up and leaving. (At the end you will also hear me "crying" and gently banging my head on the snare :)

Never thought of it like that but I can now see that I was soloing in my own "mental space", as you put it, and it would be good to open it up more to keep everyone engaged. Not sure how to, though. It sounds to me like "rock drummer trying to play jazz" ... lowering hands and keeping control at low volume is tough when you come from rock.
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