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Default Re: ...for the jazz cats ...

Originally Posted by haredrums View Post
Hey Guys,

I just put up a new post on a simple but effective technique to use when trading 4's, passing ideas:

Passing ideas between soloists is a really simple thing to do, but I have found that if used tastefully everybody seems to be blown away by it. Is this something you guys do when trading? Do you love/hate it when people do this? What are some of your favorite examples of drummers doing this?
Another terrific piece. Andrew, you're the man.

Yes, I do this a lot when trading. I love it, as long as it's not overused, and as long as your "Yes, And" rule is followed.

Here's a favorite example, from the incredible Sonny Rollins record, A Night at the Village Vanguard. Elvin Jones on drums. Check out the phrase Sonny plays at 5:47 and then hear Elvin's response.

By the way: Terrific playing on that clip from your blog. You sound great, man.
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