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Long time lurker, thought I'd chime in on this.

I see everyone disecting his playing yet would you do the same to Ringo, or Charlie Watts? These two have been labeled the greatest rock & roll drummers by many but you don't see many posts saying "these guys suck, I could play that in my sleep". And Benard might ban you if you did :). I'm sure kids in the 60's were using the "Rulez" phrase of the time to describe them.

Simple or not when you hear just the drum parts to Beatles songs (boom-cha-baboom-snare-tom) you instantly know who it is. And I bet kids today could hear just the drum parts to Blink songs and know that it is Travis.

Bottom line is he fits their music well, and he's made a heck of a lot more money playing drums than any one on this board, which says he's doing something right.
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