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Default Re: ...for the jazz cats ...

Originally Posted by Gvdadrummasum View Post
thank you very much for the advice brother ....and for checking out the vid

I actually was feathering the bass drum but the mic I was using apparently loves the frequency of the kick ....sounds much louder in the recording than I was actually playing it

yeah my taps do need to come down......something I'm currently wrestling with ...they get away from me sometimes

to have Art Taylor mentioned in a conversation about my playing blows my mind ........the fact that his name came to your mind tells me there might just hope for a hack like me....hahaha

and that comp peice was something La Roca recommended can tell I'm not completely comfortable with it and that I am reading it as well.......doesnt sound real natural....but it was just something for the audition

thanks again for checking it out and for your much appreciated constructive input

No problem, I hope that's what you were after... it's all pretty nitpicky/personal taste because what you're doing is fundamentally really strong. The BD sounds great even overrecorded like that-- makes me want to learn to play it like that for real...

Now I have to go listen to NOB&B-- I never got real deep into that record because I just wanted crushing McCoy stuff, and kind of put it away forever...
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