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He was the reason for me to start drumming. Metallica were my very first Metal Band and when i listened to them i already felt: thats what I should do as well... And even nowadays I think he drummed perfectly on the lightning, master, justice and on some songs like enter sandman or my friend of misery also on the black album.
But the stuff he plays now makes me wonder: did the guy have an accident or what?? theres nothing left of the power one could hear in the early days. everything since load is complete boring, but the fault isnt only to be searched by lars, also with a better drummer these records would suck. However, if Metallica would have quit after the black album they would still be my favorite band als Lars one of my fave drummers, but he XXXXXXXXXXXX up... But I am still hoping that Metallica find back to their strength: Melodic, heavy thrash metal. theres still hope

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