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Originally Posted by Gvdadrummasum View Post
hey Todd

I would love to hear what a [...] player like yourself thinks of the audition video I did for Pete Sims

check it out in the "Your Playing" section when you get a sec
Fixed your text there. I love the way you play the bass drum on the first part-- obviously you don't play it that strong all the time, but it swings for real. Your 8s remind me of Art Taylor, for some reason-- very hard boppy. Those are great, functional, working drummer breaks you're playing-- I don't feel like I'm hearing you make a personal statement there, but maybe that's not what you're trying to demonstrate there. If it were me I'd probably play the unaccented notes softer, but that's a personal thing. Oh, I also like the super hip, super traditional setup you play at the beginning with the stick shot-- where did you get that?

It sounds like maybe the comping @ 140 thing is something LaRoca requested you play? There's a little bit of air between your cymbal and the comping part, even though you're playing both with authority-- the cymbal ends up getting the short end there, sounding a little weak. I think if I was going to turn that practice room piece into something I'd use in music I'd break it up substantially, bring the SD volume way down and find places to accent it, and always keep the focus on the cymbal-- I know you already know that. I personally hate playing multiples with the LH when playing that kind of thing-- I only want to play single notes and doubles-- I wrote up my method for that here-- I think you might dig it.

Thanks for asking me to listen to it, and congratulations on studying with LaRoca! What an incredible opportunity. I got to see him play in Portland around '99 or so-- I think his chops were down, but he was great-- like Elvin, but even looser. Soak up as much of that history as you can for the rest of us.
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