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Default Re: ...for the jazz cats ...

It sounds like you're working your stuff out, because you're playing kind of busy-- it's not a bad thing, but feel free to take a lot more time between your big statements/comments. The way you play during the bass solo is a pretty good level of density for most of the tune. Don't feel obligated to put the stuff you're practicing into your playing if you're not actually hearing it-- some of the hihat stuff sounds a little forced-in. I like what you're doing on the fours-- I don't now why so many non-drummers have trouble keeping it together through them...

A few things you might try:

- Those ruffs you play on the 1 or 3 will sound hipper if you move them over to the 2 or the 4.
- It sounds like you're playing your triplets alternating-- they might swing a little more if you play them rrL-- with a little accent on the LH.
- Try making some punctuations with your left on the & of 3 or the & of 1.

But nice job, man-- just keep listening and especially playing and everything will sort itself out.
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