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Originally Posted by T-1000
I know Blink can rely on the same format for their breakdowns quite a lot, but they sound great, so I don't really care.
I'll buy that. Hell nearly every Steely Dan cd sounds the same, as well as the Fagen solo stuff, and I still have it all (this is over a 30 year period too!) Ok, that is a gneralization, but you get my drift.


As for your 'groove killer' attachment, I honestly think it adds to the song in this case; a nice dichotomy is created between his choppy beats, and Tom's ringing guitar
ok, I'll buy that too, but it still sounds like a drummer playing a cool beat and not listening to the tune. I can sing/visualize a couple more grooving grooves as we speak. I think this is the thing I dislike most about his playing. Sometimes less IS more, and sometimes the silence is more important than the notes. Problem is, there is no silence in his playing.

I know you 'don't get' Tool, but I think you should give them another chance if you want to know what a rock drummer that grooves creatively sounds like (since you obviously can't see it in Travis either).
I said I don't get them, but I never said I don't like them. Actually I have pretty much their entire discography. I just don't understand the Cult of Tool following is all.

And again, for the record, Travis is a good drummer and I quite like Blink 182. On third/fourth listen, I'm starting to think Boxcar is even better. My problem comes with the Travis is GOD and he RULEZ comments. A little perspective is all.
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