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Default Re: Show off your Peavey!

Originally Posted by Statskeeper View Post
Don't feel bad, I missed out on a kit in 2010 - (10,12,14,16 fl, 22 bass +14sn), hi-hats, ride, crash and splash cymbals (not the greatest pies - but even so), stands, throne and double kick pedal = $900.

So, when it comes to kicking one's own ass, your not alone. I've been looking for a set ever since, but in the meantime, make do with my RP 501's.
Just two weeks after the above post, I managed to find a 5-pc RBS-1 kit (10,12,14,16,22) that I could afford. No snare, but that's something to keep the hunt alive. The colour of this kit was originally a transparent black, but as per the history of these drums outlined on the drum owners website (see the link in Tard's post #16 - 01-14-2009) some of the units have taken on a brown colour (more exposure to the sun than the others I guess). All to say I 'm now looking at another refinishing project that hopefully will result in a lighter coloured kit.

Now July 23 and, after 100 hours of work, I'm happy to update this post with pictures of my refurbished kit........
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