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Default Jalapeno Hand Made Drums

hey everyone, i'm selling my 6 piece custom hand made Jalapeno shell pack + some extras.

this kit is in perfect condition and just put new skins on the toms about a month ago (Remo Emperor clear). it's natural wood colour no lacquer. as you all probably know these hand made kits sound awesome, im not great at tuning drums but here's a video of me playing my kit Click Here it's mic'd up (the high tom mic had to be muted as i didn't realise until i got home it was peaking) but i only tweaked the EQ a little as they just sounded great even without EQ.

this kit is brilliant, nothing wrong with it, only reason im selling is it's the first top of the range kit i've had and i'd like to own a few different kits over the next couple years to be able to decide what my perfect kit will be.

the shell pack alone was just under 2500 new, offering all the list below to you guys for 1399 first before it goes on eBay in a few days time, will be on eBay for a bit more.

if your interested feel free to contact me at or 07796 67 69 60 (text preferred, not always able to answer phone calls) also if you wanna see any more pictures or video of the kit don't hesitate to ask!

think thats everything.. let me know if i've missed anything! (top right picture is my current setup)

specs/for sale:

8x8 tom
10x10 tom
12x12 tom
14x14 tom
18x18 bass
12x7 snare
worldmax tom mounts x3
Pearl uni-lock tom arm mount x3
floor tom legs
protection racket bass drum case
snare hard case (not the hardcase brand)

i have a few other random bits if there is anything else you may need (stool, hi hat stand..etc.), let me know an ill see if i have it, may chuck it in for free!

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Drum kit shell pack for sale Click Here

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