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Default Re: Top 3 Guitar Riffs

I like some of my own riffs ;-)
[Congrats to myself on my ten hundredth post, haha.]

If you wanna check out an example of some own stuff I like... Look here, press "play demo" there (and it's merely a demo I came up with to do some sound samples for that custom guitar of mine). That riff is later played with an octave harmony/2 guitars. I like guitar parts with harmonic structure, be it riffs or solo parts.

It's hard to choose a Top 3. It also depends on whether it's sheer power, some cool melodic lines or a mixture of it.

Jeff Waters from Annihilator comes to mind as a riff master/beast with lots of crazy riffs. He can also be creative with open string riffs - I love the main riff in "Set The World On Fire" (actually I'm using this riff a lot when doing recording soundchecks). Here's that riff (starting from 0.33 into the track):

For something melodic... I'm thinking of Iron Maiden / that "Phantom Of The Opera" melodic riff. Maiden had a massive impact on my melodic style.

As for coolness... RAGE (guitarist: Victor Smolski / drums: (at that time) Mike Terrana) / that "Straight To Hell" intro riff - beginning from 0.11 in the link:

AC/DC have a lot... I always liked playing that "Riff Raff" riff.

Haven't been listening to metal for a long time... So many cool riffs escaping me.

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