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Originally Posted by larryz View Post
I met her at her drum clinic last year. She was sweet, a good "rock" player in my opinion. Looks way younger than she is (she's 21 I think but looks 16..), and uh guys, she's also engaged to be married. Sorry to burst your bubble. Her father is her manager so to speak, and was there with her, introduced her to the audience, etc. Nice dad. Protective and level headed, the way good dads should be. One thing though, she plays LOUD, I mean REALLY LOUD. Played a Gretsch catalina maple I think. Anyway, great drummer, straightforward. Didn't seem like a technically precise type of drummer who played with nuance. I couldn't see her doing jazz or world music, but she's great nonetheless. She did well with the kids in the audience too. Nice person.

That's a little bit of what I have to say. Hannah is working her image and her skills with a good attitude. She always on time, polite, always smiling, enjoy every moment, never complaint and do what she have been asked. Thank's to dad Dave who manage her correctly and not making her a circus attraction. Obviously she isn't the "best" drummer or even female drummer out there, but she is what she is and she's a good drummer. She's also surely a role model for younger female drummer.

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